I am starting a new sketchbook to celebrate the beginning of November and, as it turns out, the start of another national lockdown for at least the next four weeks. The sketchbook is a 7.5 inch square format, which I haven’t tried before but which I think I might like. The trees are halfway along the lane between house and village, and the yellows I used were a mix of a Lemon yellow with New Gamboge and darkened with some Burnt Sienna added and Winsor Violet where I wanted even darker.

We are being encouraged to not go out unnecessarily, but are allowed to do so to exercise. I am choosing to nominate sketching as my exercise of choice..

2 thoughts on “November

  1. Lovely. And quite right to consider sketching as exercise. Until they say we can’t go for a drive and can only walk near home I will be going out to read inside our car (obviously after Julian has driven to the coast or somewhere with a pleasing view! Not on our drive!!). Maybe even take a sketchbook and paint!! Mx

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