Autumn View

With persistent rain all day (yesterday), and not being able to get to where I wanted to go, I resorted to painting the view from an upstairs window. I used a Stillman and Birn Beta wirebound sketchbook which I think works better when I use a slightly wetter wash, but I wanted to keep the intensity of the yellow and orange colours against the darker tones around them.

2 thoughts on “Autumn View

  1. Hi Graham,

    I hope you and Lesley are keeping safe and well.

    I love all your posts, the sketches and the descriptive words. But also the advice on colours and sketchbooks, and why. I should make a not of them all! Maybe next year I’ll get back to my brushes and have another attempt at watercolour! Please give my love to Lesley.

    Best wishes Margaret

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    1. Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for your comments. I hope you get back to watercolours soon.
      We are both well although the nurses at the surgery where Lesley works have had coronavirus, so it is within reach! Luckily Lesley is fairly isolated in the dispensery so has escaped any problems so far…
      Keep well both of you,
      Love from us both


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