Calla Lily

I’ve been lying low ever since just before Christmas when the household was struck by combinations of Covid, coughs, chest infections and extreme tiredness. Some of it has gone, some of it has gone and come back again! Some people might dismiss it as the ‘January blues’ but I don’t think so. I’ve always rather liked January whatever the weather and I’m always sad to see it go without making the best of its potential.

This Calla Lily is trying to help me make the effort of getting back into some sort of routine.

4 thoughts on “Calla Lily

  1. Hi Graham,

    So sorry to hear you’re still suffering g the after effects of Covid and viruses. I do hope you and Lesley are clear of it all very soon. So many people seem to be suffering symptoms far too long afterwards. I wonder if it’s due to the 2 years of pandemic when we isolated so much and we’re so careful about mixing, so now we have to re-energise our immune systems. I have no science knowledge on this! Just an opinion! Take care, give my love to Lesley, Margaret x

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