November door

Sometimes the subject you want to paint may not be what you think it is. Walking through a nearby village recently, I was excited to see the November sunlight setting the trees and shrubs alight, which made me want to see if I could capture it.

I thought the splash of strong yellow looked good against the grey walls of a house, and accordingly painted everything in sight. I was quite pleased with the outcome, and yet something was niggling at me. Something wasn’t right. Then I realized. Too much information. I am always telling my students they don’t have to paint everything just because it’s there. I’ve known that forever, and yet how often we forget the simplest things.

I decided to zoom in. I didn’t need the whole of the house. I didn’t need the roof and the chimney, however well painted they were. All I needed was to focus on the area which first captured my interest, and besides, doors and windows are always a winner, aren’t they?

4 thoughts on “November door

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when the light of a particular moment creates the scene you want, and you simply set about using the skill you possess to express it — even having that easy access to the advice you gave your students? The whole experience is such a natural process, like the light itself. Beautiful watercolor.


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