Making Hay

I eventually found some hay bales today just as it felt it was about to rain. This was at the end of a long walk and I was running out of time (and didn’t want to get wet). Later, I discovered the field went round a corner and continued far into the distance, and I really wished I could have stayed longer and spent more time looking at what I was painting.

As it happened, although there was moisture in the air and the light became more overcast, the rain stayed away. So here we have the artists dilemma; to get down on paper the first thing you see, in preference to doing nothing at all, or to take one’s time and wander round, examining all possibilities before making a start? There are arguments for both, and of course it depends on the circumstances. How much time is available? What will the weather be doing by the time you are ready to paint? Is it actually possible to wander around or is there a barbed wire fence between you and your heart’s desire? So many things to ponder.

At least I have a sketch and a memory, and if the weather holds and if the farmer doesn’t move the bales under cover and if I can go back soon, I will!

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