Clementines and lemons

Still just enough fruit left for a final painting before it disappears, and the lively colours are certainly a contrast to outdoors. Not that I really mind this time of year as much as many people seem to – it’s a matter of priorities. I find it an excellent moment to sort out plans for the year ahead (if one hasn’t already), load up the shelves with watercolour paper, stock up on pigments and sketchbooks so one doesn’t have to worry about such things later when the sun is shining, and nothing must distract one from getting out there and painting!

Not that it ever quite works out like that of course. But one thing I am sure of, is having such colourful objects to hand to play with at this time of year does wonders for one’s wellbeing, which has assumed such importance recently. It always has been true. It’s just that people have been too busy to give it much thought.

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