Shadows of Gin

Unfortunately, the Gin was missing – only the bottle reached me, but in fairness it was the light coming through the bottle which made me want to paint it. I wasn’t sure which red would work best, so I painted brushstrokes of a few different reds onto an offcut of paper, and then held it behind the bottle while I looked through the coloured glass. One of the brushstrokes seemed to disappear, which meant that was the one closest to the colour of the bottle. And the winner was… Cadmium Scarlet. I added Crimson and a little Violet for the shadows and left some slithers of untouched paper for some of the lights

This is in a small sketchbook done at the end of a long day spent painting something much larger. I should really have put it into context, showing it on a table or a window sill or something – but there is always another day.

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