A page from the journal

A weekend spent in the garden preparing for what we all hope will be a good summer. It is tempting to start planting seedlings but we are still having frosty nights. Lovely to see the Bluebells starting to come out and loads of Forget-me-nots. Things are certainly on the move.

Some seeds are taking a long time to do what they are supposed to. I don’t know if it is the weather or the peat-free compost we all have to use. Does anyone actually like the stuff?

2 thoughts on “A page from the journal

  1. Beautiful. Your bluebells are ahead of ours! This year they have taken over the garden more than ever, despite digging out loads last summer! More will have to go this year! Love the idea of making seedling pots from newspaper. Now is this done, is there a YouTube for it or have you and Lesley just got very green fingers and gardening skills?! Mx

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