A new world

It is easy to stick to a well-worn track – and why not? It is a very human response to life. There is safety in what we know. It is convenient. It is good to be sure we know how to do something. Every time we do it, it builds our confidence. As painters we want to make a niche for ourselves and stick to it, whether it is painting trees in a landscape or a floral still life. We are happy with what we know. Try something else and danger could be lurking all around.

Sometimes things happen – like 2020. Suddenly, the world as we know it and feel safe in, changes. Things we took for granted are whisked away and are no longer viable. Art classes are a case in point. We are no longer able to meet others indoors and sit or stand together, companionably painting from life. We all have to keep our distance.

An old word adopts a brand new meaning. For example, ZOOM !

Who knew we would have to find a new way of meeting each other? Find a new way of teaching which, hopefully, remains meaningful and enjoyable? Who knew we would have to adapt to the new technology which makes it all possible? For some of us, a whole new language to go with our new world.

It is good to change. As painters it is something we should always bear in mind. When it is forced upon us it is only natural to resist as long as possible. But really, we have to accept the inevitable and instead of fighting it, see it as the ideal opportunity of starting anew – the chance to look at things in a different way – to dare to step off the beaten track and face whatever dangers may be there. They may not be as scary as we thought !

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