A welcome surprise

I hadn’t intended to paint a poppy today, chiefly because I didn’t know it was there, hiding at the back of a border in the garden. In weather such as we are having at the moment I know it is unlikely to be there long before its petals drop. I think it is an Oriental poppy, but how it came to be where it is, I don’t know. However it got there, it turned out to be a survivor, fighting its way up through the other more established plants, pushing its head up with a determination to be seen. It warmed my day.


3 thoughts on “A welcome surprise

  1. Thanks Graham, I fear it will be a while, at least another 5 weeks. I don’t make cards any longer, only when the mood takes me. I have been trying to hone my drawing and painting skills over the past several years. Some progress has been made I’m pleased to say, but most of all I just love and enjoy drawing and painting.


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