Social Distancing

04-07 Two Ducks

The Village is closed. There are notices that say so on all approaches, advising that car parks are shut until further notice – and so is everything else so there is precious little for any visitors to do if they did get here.

An air of calm lies over the village like a blanket as most inhabitants obey the official advice and stay at home. Indoors or quietly toiling in the garden.

The roads are less busy and pedestrians scarce. There are those who walk their dogs and others who take a gentle stroll as part of their daily exercise in the wonderfully warm Spring weather we are enjoying. The sun is a blessing. Imagine queuing outside a supermarket for half an hour in the pouring rain.

Since the lock-down was imposed, those one meets in the course of legitimate exercise or shopping,are invariably polite and considerate. We smile warily at each other as though sharing a secret understanding.

It is not so everywhere, I know, but where it does, wouldn’t it be good to hope that after this catastrophe is over, the air of communal support, co-operation and respect which flourishes at the moment could continue to thrive, and not be quickly forgotten ?

Keep your distance. Keep safe. Happy Easter.

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