After the rain

11-11 Flooded field at Burford

A beautiful dazzling Autumn day which despite the cold would be a lovely moment to go and find something to sketch the stunning colours – except we are expecting workmen who turn out to be the type who see no reason to tell us at what time they might be here, despite their hype-filled texts and emails promising otherwise. Instead I take the opportunity to catch up on paperwork and posting on WordPress..

Despite today’s sun, there has been a lot of rain recently though luckily not as devastating as places in Yorkshire where it is waist- deep, which must be soul destroying.

Here, the River Windrush which meanders lazily through our corner of the Cotswolds, has escaped its usual course and flows into the meadows at the lower end of the town of Burford which sits on a steep hill above.

The foreground water here is usually a green field.


7×11 ins. Watercolour on Saunders Waterford 140lb/300gsm CP paper

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