A Beautiful Sight

Poppies by the Burford Road

There is a road which runs between Burford and Stow on the Wold which I travel along every now and then and which always lifts my spirits. If I have been away it is this road more than any other which tells me I am back home. To my mind, there are beautiful views of the rolling Cotswold landscape on either side, a patchwork of many colours.

At this time of year, I look forward to the arrival of the first Poppies, glimpsed here and there as the world hurries along so one cannot be sure if they are really there or whether they are only a memory of years gone by.

Gradually larger patches will crawl along the edges of the fields snaking their way unmistakably until, in some years, whole fields become ablaze with a bright red which literally takes one’s breath away.

They are starting now and will, if the rain allows, flourish and gladden the hearts of many travellers. And on beautiful Summer days yet to come, what better place to sit and paint ?

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