February morning

With a temperature of around 15c/60f it is difficult to remember this is actually FEBRUARY.  With hardly any breeze today one could easily be fooled into thinking it was Summer. Now the schools are back after their half term break, it is much quieter and I only met two dog walkers on my way to my ‘painting ground’.

It’s strange how some days you can look and look and not find anything that inspires you and other times like today there seems to be so much in every direction you don’t know where to begin. The truth is, you can spend an awful lot of time waiting to be ‘inspired’ and end up with nothing (actually if you just sit and wait for inspiration to come along and grab you, you probably wouldn’t paint very much at all). Whereas for me the very act of washing pigment onto paper and watching it merge and interact is the greatest inspiration there is.

February Morning

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