Grab a Sketchbook



The good thing about sketchbooks is they are always there, waiting for you to open them and get going – it doesn’t matter if they are small enough to fit in your pocket or you need a shopping trolley to transport them.

They are particularly invaluable when you are facing a weekend when there is a lot happening which needs some thought and preparation. You really don’t have time to sit and paint (honestly?)

What do you do ?

Grab a sketchbook ! You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be neat. You can be SKETCHY (that’s why they are called sketchbooks). It doesn’t matter if it is a shorthand note, it doesn’t even have to be finished. The chances are no-one is ever going to see it.

BUT – It has given you a few minutes to be creative, a chance to practise your drawing skills, your colour mixing, your brushwork or the opportunity to be inventive about any or all of the above in that small window you allowed yourself before others come gatecrashing into your precious time !

And who knows where it may lead ?

Have a good weekend.

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