Keep it light

I am surprised at how many people are put off from sketching on location because of the amount of luggage they think they need. I even heard one person wondering how they were expected to carry a table into a field with them.

The answer ofcourse is that no-one expects them to travel with a furniture van.

I admit there are times when I choose to take larger sheets of paper and an easel with me, but that is by no means all the time. There are many different set ups and you need to find the right one for you.

07-05 sketching kit

My basic small set up requires little more than a sketchbook, the one here is a Moleskine about 5.25 x 8.25 inches when closed which has a nice paper which readily accepts watercolour.

A Winsor & Newton Watercolour Field box holds 12 half-pans and has an integral water bottle and a water pot which clips onto the box. I fill the half pans with tube pigments.

Lastly, a travel brush or two. The one shown  I have had so long that any writing on the side has long worn off but it is about size 6 or 8. The handle unscrews and protects the brush head when not in use. Many brush manufacturers have their own versions including Da Vinci, Escodia, Pro Arte and Rosemary & co to name a few.

The only other things I take with me are some sheets of kitchen paper and extra water. Oh, and a pencil or two !

I tend to stand, holding the sketch book and field box in one hand which leaves the other hand free to wield the brush. Otherwise I sit on the ground, find a bench or lean against a wall or a tree… That way I don’t have the inconvenience  and extra weight of a chair or a stool. It takes a little experience and may not be for everyone but give it a try.

So, Keep it Light & Transportable !

07-05 sketchbook bales

Good luck with your sketching.

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