Approach through Lansdowne


Having had a little time off from painting recently, I felt a little rusty and so painted this view of the River Windrush as it meanders it’s way towards the village from a hastily scribbled sketch in my studio.

The trees are only just beginning to hint of Autumn if you look closely, so there is still a lot of green around, which is always a challenge. At the moment I mostly tend to use Winsor & Newton New Gamboge (yellow) and French Ultramarine in various proportions, and for the darker areas use more of the blue with a touch of Winsor Violet.

Painted on Saunders Waterford 140lb NOT (cold press) paper 11 x 15″

Coffee shop moments

coffee shop moment

I’m really not very good at figures but it’s something I always like to try when sitting for a few moments in a certain coffee shop or similar.

Usually I take the easy option and sketch a figure from behind so I don’t get hung up about facial features or worry about getting a likeness. For me the fun is to try and capture a moment and create a memory, and if I can include a little of the surroundings, so much the better.

Here I drew with a Zig millennium fibre tip pen and then washed in some Winsor and Newton Paynes Grey watercolour, but you could achieve the same effect with water soluble ink and a damp brush.

There is the added excitement of not being sure whether the figure will still be there when you next look up from your sketchbook or whether you have to finish it from memory !