10-18 Harvest

We’re about to hit half-term and then unbelievably it will be the run down towards Christmas. How did that happen?

This September I took on a new class in Churchill just over the border into Oxfordshire. This is an existing group who have been together for a while but found themselves in need of a tutor. Life intervenes in a number of ways and the class started off small but now others are able to join or re-join the group and our numbers are rising.

Preparing for this new class has taken a bit of thought and time, but worth every minute.

‘Harvest’ is our latest project. I can never resist a pumpkin..

12-06 SnowmanThere is so much to do at the moment, some of it related to Christmas, some to planning events for the new year and some which have nothing to do with either. So as it was wet, windy¬† and dark most of today I thought I’d check out the boxes of seasonal decorations to see if they had survived their hibernation.

I didn’t get very far before I found this little fella and decided it would be cruel to put him back in the box again and thought he might like to be the centre of attention for a hour or so…

He looks happy enough !