A glorious morning.

08-08 Straw bales at Little Rissington

This morning was one of those glorious golden summer days which we think of as only existing in our imagination – probably because they seem so few and far between… I have been hoping for some bales of straw but disappointed when visiting fields where I have found them before only to find them full of sheep!

Imagine my delight when walking home from a neighbouring village I cut down by the church and came out behind it into a field FULL of bales as far as the eye could see. What Bliss!

This is 6 x 8 inches and the bales were painted with yellow ochre,  new gamboge,  indian red, winsor violet and a little blue. Saunders Waterford 140lb CP/NOT paper

Look behind you

I was actually eyeing up another scene for a possible future painting in Cheltenham, when turning round, I saw the spire of the Catholic Church of St Gregory the Great looming above the roof tops of this little street, and decided I wanted to paint it.

Unfortunately other commitments and the fact I was standing on a busy ring road meant I wasn’t able to do it then and there. I had to make do with taking a photograph, taking a good look at compositional possibilities and remembering as much as I could for when I was able to paint away from the subject. I tried to keep my first impressions in mind and not include too much detail.

Painted on Saunders Waterford 9 x 12″ block01-23 spire of st gregory the great. cheltenham

In-between days

09-20 Freshly fallen

We are currently having that tug-of-war between the seasons with some days wild and wet,  proclaiming that Autumn is asserting its superiority, and others, mild and sunny suggesting that Summer has not yet quite deserted us.

The wild and wet days knock down the Horse Chestnuts from the trees together with some small branches. Some of the fruits split upon hitting the ground giving us a glimpse of a startling white interior and a flash of  mahogany of the concealed nut.

All too quickly the bright colours become dull and one has to be quick to grab the chance of a sketch. This was painted on Saunders Waterford 140lb Hot Press.