The wrong field

09-01 Footpath walk

A favourite spot on a regular walk this morning when all was quiet except for an anxious cow who had somehow absentmindedly wandered quite a way into the wrong field before realizing that she was cut off from the rest of her family.

I was a little worried that she was becoming concerned as she kept calling out to the others as she tried to work out how to reach them. I hung back as she pondered a footpath gate made with humans rather than bovines in mind. Luckily she continued around the edge of the field until she found an opening large enough for her to walk through, which must have been the way she came to be there in the first place.

Once she had the others in her sights she gave a little jump and then trotted off to join them, tail swishing, relief evident in her face.

I was left to contemplate the rose hips and sloes in the hedgerows and was cheered to see the blackberries are turning dark and quite plump, but not quite ripe yet in this little patch, but it won’t be long.