A little sunshine

A little sunshine and a holiday weekend ahead, and the world comes out to play. A young couple walked arm in arm, a family, father and sun striding ahead of mother and daughter, heads bowed deep in conversation, a lone jogger zig zagging her way between the visitors, a group of horse riders being led, a photographer taking pictures with a real camera mounted on a tripod. All chose to spend their morning in the little village of Lower Slaughter, where I found a quiet spot to lean on a gate to paint this stone building in a small sketchbook.

Old stone shelter. Lower Slaughter

Down Station Road

10-18 Station Road

The yellow-gold on the right hand side of Station Road by the entrance to the Manor House as I headed towards the Post Office in the distance added a bright splash of warmth to an otherwise grey morning. The first time I’ve painted since a few days off with a bad back which is now only sore rather than agonizing. At least I can move, although it’s that moment between sitting down and standing up which is still a problem!