Farm barn

It has been such a lovely day today (for the end of October) that I went exploring down a side road which I don’t usually take as it is not really on my way to or from anywhere. I knew a few footpaths led off it but I was thrilled to turn a corner and discover this barn nestled in the trees.

I used New Gamboge, Permanent magenta and Winsor blue throughout the painting.

10-22 Farm barn

Greystones 2

10-05 October barns 2

This is a different version of yesterday’s view of the farm barns. Less of what was actually there and more of how I wanted to paint it to give it more of an autumnal/wintry feel. The feeling a subject gives you is just as important to take into consideration.

This one was painted with a limited palette of Yellow Ochre, Brown Madder and French Ultramarine, which in some ways is easier than using a full colour palette as you don’t have so many decisions to make and it gives the painting a certain unity. Also it is interesting to see just what colours you can make from so few pigments.

Which version do you prefer?