The hazards of sketching

08-06 Allotment sunflower

It has been a hazardous week for sketching outdoors, as what appeared to be settled sunny weather has been anything but with the sudden arrival of dark clouds and heavy showers.

‘Allotment Sunflower’ is a case in point as I had intended to add more watercolour, but the torrential downpour sent me scurrying for cover before I, and more importantly my sketchbook, became sodden. Later, I decided I quite liked leaving some of the page unpainted. If I change my mind I can always go back another day.


Derwent Graphik line maker, Winsor & Newton watercolour in softbound Stillman & Birn Alpha 5.5 x 8.5 in. sketchbook

Not quite the end of Summer

08-31 Barrow of Pansies

The Meteorological Office tell us ( a little too eagerly I feel) that as far as they are concerned the first of September is the end of Summer.

Well, excuse me, but I think the end of Summer will be whenever Nature decides. There is still a lot of this Summer to be enjoyed before we consign it to the history books and we should not wish it, or our lives, away any faster than they already are by our twenty-first century thinking.

Although I am looking forward to Autumn and all that it brings, I am happy to wait a few more weeks and enjoy a more gradual changeover of seasons.