Floppy Tulips

As predicted, it didn’t take the tulips long to start flopping, and once they start, they don’t stop. By the time you have drawn them, they have flopped some more. There is no point trying to correct the drawing because by the time you have, they have moved again. It’s a race the tulips always win! Not that it matters, as long as you end up with a reasonable painting!

Tuesday Tulips

Tulips are another must at this time of year. The leaves are often more interesting than the flowers themselves. Although they were actually standing in a jug, I decided not to include it as I wanted to concentrate on the leaves. I’m hoping by later in the week the flowers will have become more relaxed about being painted.

The final fling

The final phase of the daffodil ‘thing’ I have had this week! Although the flowers are still thriving, it is probably time to look at something else. They were a beautiful present which couldn’t help but brighten up the day – a lot of days actually. They always seem to be a cheerful flower and bring a much needed burst of colour into the world at this time of year.

Daffodils and lemon

The Daffodils are starting to open up now and showing more of their colour, and are just as good to paint. I love the different greens along their length from the very yellow-green at the bottom through the blue sheen along the stems and so dark in the shadows between stems and under overhanging petals, and back to yellow green again as the buds begin to open. Mostly I used lemon yellow and French ultramarine with just a touch of permanent sap green in places. I always want to paint them as much as possible every year as I know they wont last for ever.

Clementines and lemons

Still just enough fruit left for a final painting before it disappears, and the lively colours are certainly a contrast to outdoors. Not that I really mind this time of year as much as many people seem to – it’s a matter of priorities. I find it an excellent moment to sort out plans for the year ahead (if one hasn’t already), load up the shelves with watercolour paper, stock up on pigments and sketchbooks so one doesn’t have to worry about such things later when the sun is shining, and nothing must distract one from getting out there and painting!

Not that it ever quite works out like that of course. But one thing I am sure of, is having such colourful objects to hand to play with at this time of year does wonders for one’s wellbeing, which has assumed such importance recently. It always has been true. It’s just that people have been too busy to give it much thought.

A bit of warmth

This week has been really grey and overcast so far, so I was pleased to find these Clementines to add a little colour to the day. I used mostly Lemon yellow, cadmium scarlet and a little permanent Rose, to try and keep them fresh. I don’t often paint a lot of warm colours, but today I must have felt the need for it – I might even use some of them again before they all disappear.

A Little Sunshine

Surprisingly after all the frosty nights and having to scrape the windscreens on the car, we had some unexpected Sunshine yesterday which put everyone in a good mood, judging by the number of smiling faces and willingness to exchange more than one syllable , me included. There was actually a little warmth in the sun, if you stood in the right place and didn’t expect too much. It was the dappled light coming through the trees and across the path which caught my mood. However it wasn’t quite warm enough to stand still for a couple of hours, so this was done when I arrived home from a photograph and memory.