Across the road

Sometimes it’s just not practical to sketch at a certain location – no place to stand without getting run over, nowhere to park a car, too much rain to make watercolour stick to the page… all of these applied to this one, but I just loved the tree and wanted to paint it so I had to resort to taking a photograph.


11-08 Moore Road

Farm barn

It has been such a lovely day today (for the end of October) that I went exploring down a side road which I don’t usually take as it is not really on my way to or from anywhere. I knew a few footpaths led off it but I was thrilled to turn a corner and discover this barn nestled in the trees.

I used New Gamboge, Permanent magenta and Winsor blue throughout the painting.

10-22 Farm barn

Down Station Road

10-18 Station Road

The yellow-gold on the right hand side of Station Road by the entrance to the Manor House as I headed towards the Post Office in the distance added a bright splash of warmth to an otherwise grey morning. The first time I’ve painted since a few days off with a bad back which is now only sore rather than agonizing. At least I can move, although it’s that moment between sitting down and standing up which is still a problem!

On guard

10-08 The sentry tree

This tree stands guard at the entrance/exit to the car park and filling station. Seen from the road you don’t really take it is as you are usually too busy keeping your eyes on the traffic which can be hectic at times. However, seen from the car park side with the cottage behind it, I thought it would make a good painting.

The Cottage

10-06 village cottage

I pass this cottage any number of times during the week, sometimes without really noticing it. Recently as I went by, it was the light on the foliage in front of the cottage which jumped out at me and made me want to paint it.

I couldn’t stop at the time, but the memory stayed with me.

Although the building may be recognizable, it is not accurate. I didn’t want to make a portrait of a particular place. Many liberties have been taken and the background hardly mentioned at all. As it was the tree(s) which struck me, this was where I tried to keep my focus when I painted it later mostly how I¬†thought¬†it should be.

I hope I have caught the feeling of the place.

Greystones 2

10-05 October barns 2

This is a different version of yesterday’s view of the farm barns. Less of what was actually there and more of how I wanted to paint it to give it more of an autumnal/wintry feel. The feeling a subject gives you is just as important to take into consideration.

This one was painted with a limited palette of Yellow Ochre, Brown Madder and French Ultramarine, which in some ways is easier than using a full colour palette as you don’t have so many decisions to make and it gives the painting a certain unity. Also it is interesting to see just what colours you can make from so few pigments.

Which version do you prefer?